Green Anole

Green Anole
Anolis carolinensis
Photo credit: Walkingfox


The Endangered Reptiles of Florida



Florida is a Natural Environment for

its multitude of Reptilian species.

The warm, wet climate and the vast swampy places

here give them almost everything that they

could ever require to flourish.


Only one thing stands in their way, Humans!


Florida's Wildlife, including its Reptiles,

are being continually pushed farther and

farther away from their nesting and food Habitats.

The constant demand for new construction in

this state is the biggest threat to their future.


A critical Environmental factor in the health of Florida's

Reptiles and all Wildlife, is the purity of our water.


Florida's Ecosystems have been pushed to the brink and

 the Wildlife within them teeter on the edge of extinction.


Can you imagine Florida without them?



The Endangered or Threatened Reptiles on this site are:



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