Endangered Florida Fish



Smalltooth Sawfish
Smalltooth Sawfish
Photo credit: David Iliff


The Endangered Fish of Florida


To begin: what is a Fish?

A fish is an aquatic vertebrate (has a backbone)

that is cold blooded, has fins, breathes through gills

and may be covered with scales.


It is said that Florida is the Fishing Capital

of the world and boats are king here.

One look at any map would explain why.

Florida has 1350 miles of shoreline and is

laced with endless lakes, streams and ponds,

as well as an Ocean and Gulf on the Coasts,

each with their own dedicated group of fans.


A 2006 five year no fishing ban for an area just west of

 the Keys to protect Florida's Fish has the sides divided:

New Marine Reserve


Florida's Fish are in two groups, Freshwater and Saltwater.

Florida's Freshwater Fish:


Florida's Endangered and Threatened Fish


Florida's Threatened or Endangered Fish:

Florida's Threatened Fish


Some of Florida's Fish in Trouble:

Gulf Sturgeon - Threatened

Okaloosa Darter - Endangered

Shortnosed Sturgeon - Endangered

Smalltooth Sawfish - Endangered


The Florida State Saltwater Fish is the Sailfish and

the Freshwater Fish is the Largemouth Bass.


Learn more about Florida official everything here:

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